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Conservatory Roofs

5 Common Styles for Conservatory Roofs to Opt for Beautiful House

Are you planning to get a conservatory roof for your home? There are a varied number of conservatory styles you choose for your roofs. However, every style has its own set of pros and cons. If you have no idea about the conservatory styles, you may get the wrong variant. Since it’s a good investment, consult professionals for the best conservatory roof in Cobham The style of conservatory depends on the purpose for which you are making the conservatory. Moreover, the style should also match the décor and existing architecture of your house. 

What are the different conservatory styles?

Victorian style

These conservatories have a 5-shield structure and a roof. They are the most traditional designs and has been in construction for decades. They’ve become quite popular lately. However, if you want to keep the room cool and less lighted, this is a feasible option. Victorian styles are classy and can be easily installed.

Georgian style

If you see the conservatories with symmetrical or rectangular designs, then the Georgian construction style has been followed. These roofs have a flat front. Their structures are quite similar to that of the Edwardian style.  They were first built in the 18th century and has been in demand since then. If you’re looking for plenty of sun rays, this is the best style to opt for. 

Edwardian style

These are very spacious designs and highly practical. Like Georgian style, they are also rectangular and symmetrical in shape. These structures can be made of high fitted solid walls with beautiful appearance and texture. Moreover, in terms of height, this type of conservatories are taller than the other styles. 

Mediterranean style

Thi9s is one of the simplest conservatory styles. If you have got a low budget, then you can easily opt for this style. The installation and maintenance cost is less, and there are no frills attached with this style. This is a simple design along with versatility in the same. You can use polycarbonate glass on the same depending on your needs. 

T-shaped style

If you’re looking forward to getting some extra space with the conservatory construction, then T-shaped is the best style to opt. As the name suggests, the conservatory is T-shaped look wise. This is a common conservatory style that is found in almost every other house.  Roofing Systems Direct Ltd specialises in the installation of conservatories and orangeries. With over decades of experience, our experts can guide you about the perfect styled conservatory suitable for your house. Please consult us for more details.