conservatory leaking
Though a properly installed modern conservatory is capable of withstanding the coldest seasons, hottest days and harshest weather, they definitely need attention once they start leaking. Take a closer look at the conservatory and you will notice that they are made up of numerous sections connected with silicone sealant and rubber. Over the years, few of these materials become vulnerable to wear and tear and might start leaking. Such being the situation, the best you can do is to get in touch with a reputed company offering conservatory repair services.

Is Your Conservatory Leaking? Know The Common Causes

  • Leaking Conservatory Roof
Conservatory roofs are made of frames, interconnected panels and vents. If any of the parts and joints ever develops a fault, the roof might start leaking. Generally, a conservatory roof starts leaking from the finial point. There are a few roofs where the conservatory frame and the brickwork are connected by flashing. If it ever starts leaking, you have to reinstall the roof flashing properly or hire professionals for complete roof replacement.
  • Leaking Conservatory Door
Though a majority of the PVCu conservatory doors are designed in such a way to make them watertight seal around the door frames, the door might start leaking suddenly. Such being the situation, the first thing you have to do is to check over the base of the door frame. The door might also start leaking if the rubber seals have split or perished. It is the responsibility of the door installer to fit it with adequate drainage which can prevent water from passing through the seal.
  • Leaking Conservatory Walls
It is not just about the roof and the door, you might have to hire professionals for conservatory repairs if you ever notice that the conservatory walls are appearing wet or leaking water. Water generally starts leaking from the section of the conservatory where the walls are joined with each other. If you ever notice water visibly leaking from them, check the seals around the wall to look for cracks and gaps and re-seal them.

Choose The Right Company For Conservatory Repairs

Though there are numerous companies offering conservatory repair services in the UK, it is your responsibility to choose someone experienced and reputed. Their technicians should know how to give a new life to your conservatory without punching a hole in your pocket. The objective is to get an attractive and high-quality conservatory which can last for years.