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Conservatory Repairs
If you need some extra living space in your house and plan to extend your home, a bespoke conservatory can be the ideal solution. You can reap the benefits of natural light throughout the year. It does not matter if the available space is limited. Just add a roof with skylights, and you can give your home an extra element to enhance its value. If you want to reap all the benefits offered by a conservatory, make sure that the structure is in good condition. Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of the conservatory roof you have recently installed, issues might crop up over time. Some roofing materials used during Conservatory Repairs in Kingston are more durable than the rest. Before you choose a type of conservatory roof before replacing the one installed in the existing structure, know the benefits offered by each variety.

4 Common Types Of Roofs For Your Conservatory

  • Lean-To Conservatory Roof
Since these roofs have high aesthetic appeal, they are ideal for conservatories in bungalows. When compared with other roof varieties, they are lower in height. As the name suggests, the roof is installed in such a way that it looks as if the roof is directly leaning on the house. The single-sloped roof has a square or rectangle shape, which allows more natural light to enter your home.
  • Gable Roof Styles
Do you want to install a high vaulted roof with a rectangular-shaped front panel in your conservatory? Try the gable styled roofs. They look perfect on period properties. They are widely preferred by homeowners for their elegant structure and have a high elevation and pitch. Roofs with a symmetrical design and vertical system allow more light to enter the room and help in proper space utilisation.
  • Victorian Style Roofs
The Victorian-style roofs are widely preferred by those living in houses with a classic or opulent style. The ornate roofs inspired by traditional gothic architecture can enhance the appeal of your conservatory drastically. The steeply pitched roofs replicate the Victorian era. The modern Victorian roof styles offer the perfect blend of esthetic benefits and advanced energy-efficient technologies.
  • Solid Roofing
Choose a solid conservatory roof if you want to blend the extension’s look with your home. Though the tiled and warm roof prevents light from entering the room through the top, you can customise it with glass panels and skylights. Choose a reputable roofing company in Kingston like Roofing Systems Direct and you can create a design statement in your house. Choose one of the styles stated above and replace the old conservatory roof in your house.