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conservatory roofs

If you are planning to build a new conservatory in your house, make sure to pay adequate attention to its roof. The way how a conservatory is built and the technologies used have become quite advanced nowadays. You can rest assured that the new room will be both beautiful and functional if you can choose the right conservatory roof material.

Whether you are planning to build a new conservatory room or replace the existing roof, you can choose from a wide variety of materials. But blindly following the current trends is a strict no-no! If you want to make an informed decision, enhance your knowledge about the various types of conservatory roof.

Should You Choose Tiles Or Glass For Your Conservatory Roof?

The demand for both tiles and glass conservatory roofs is quite high all over the world. Though tiled roofs are lightweight, glass conservatory roofs possess better insulation properties. If your budget permits, choose solar control glass as they are quite advanced and capable of combating extremes of temperature.

While a tiled roof will keep the room warm and comfortable, glass roofs allow more natural light enter your conservatory. The best is to choose a hybrid product which will offer you the benefits of both solid and glazed systems. You can expect superior thermal performance and adequate amount of natural light in your conservatory.

What Makes Aluminium Suitable For Conservatory Roofs?

There has been a recent increase in the demand for aluminium conservatory roofs and the material is very strong and can last for around 3 decades with minimal maintenance. Some glass roofs are also constructed with aluminium frames which helps in supporting the glass units. The material is sturdy and robust and specially designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions experienced in the UK. Though aluminium is not thermally efficient, you can include polyamide thermal breaks in the roof to improve its thermal efficiency.

Choose The Right Material And Keep Your Conservatory Warm

Though there are various types of roofing materials, choose one which has been specially designed to maximise your comfort, reduce heating bills and your carbon footprint. Install high-performance glass as they allow maximum light penetration and keeps your room comfortable throughout the year. The system should be specially designed and tested before installation.